Create for the Human, forget the device.

My Biography

John Lim is a voracious entrepreneur, impassioned educator and visionary innovator in mobile, technology, and consumer engagement. His endeavors are motivated by his desire to find new ways to empower others. Everything he does is driven by his passionate belief that marketers and tech professionals should create for the human being and forget the device. He has successfully launched three companies and is the holder of multiple patents, patents pending, and trademarks. As a non-programmer marketer and admitted wannabe geek, John never ceases to innovate ahead of the curve.

As a child of humble beginnings who was inspired by his grandmother’s entrepreneurial spirit, John had a tough childhood. He grew up poor and shared a small apartment in the Bronx with his parents and three younger siblings. His grandmother instilled a strong work ethic that led John to find success at a young age. At eight years old, she was his partner on his first venture – a paper route. She helped him establish a process to maximize his income and find success – from managing money and being on time to establishing relationships with customers.

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My thoughts on paper


Mitesh Lakhani

I have known John for a few years now, and he has always impressed me as a dynamic entrepreneur with clear visibility into market trends. As a visionary in the mobile space, John truly sees the path in which the industry is moving, but more so understands it at a human level. His insights come from his unique combination of understanding human psychology, market trends, and technology direction. By combining his acumen in these three diverse fields, John has come up with an accurate predictor of human behavior in today's world.

Erika Gileo

John has the ability to think outside the box and explore issues from a completely different perspective. This allows him to peel back the layers to get to the root of any challenge and arrive at an innovative solution. He leverages technology without forgetting about the human element. His unique approach brings clarity to his audience providing greater receptiveness and understanding of the topic under discussion.