Knowledge is power, only when you can react to it.

I’m fascinated by the human brain, the smartest computer on the planet.It makes people tick and react. It lets us humans learn, grow, interact and compete with what is surrounding us as well as what is inside of us – our driving sense, our conscious thoughts.

Being a person who is driven by the human behavior and wanting to discover what the cause of our actions are gave me the inspiration, power, and interest to look deeper. To look past the body and look at the real reason as to how our computer functions and be able to answer this question: Why do we humans act as we do? The answer I found was the brain, but not just one - BUT TWO: The LEFT and RIGHT Brain!

The left side of the brain had me believe I was never going to succeed. Why? Because I didn't feel book smart since I didn't pursue a college degree. I believed that I could only succeed by using my RIGHT side - my street knowledge and the creative knowledge that I acquired out of books – but I was wrong. I knew that as a human, I could create my knowledge, that I could be the one in charge of my computer (brain(s)), because the human is capable of doing whatever they wish to put their mind to. That is when I realized that for one to be successful, a small combination of knowledge for each side of the brain must be acquired.

Not everyone can or will be able to use each side of their brain, but that isn't a barrier. The world has shown that two brains are always needed. In this computer age, the famous geniuses never worked alone. They had another human working beside them. Take my favorite cartoon - Pinky and the Brain, mice that had split intelligence – brains – and knowledge, which enabled them to come together and work at amplifying each other’s intelligence to talk to the HUMAN.

The Create For The Human philosophy focuses at evaluating the human, to execute conversations – engagement - and leverage touch points at levels they have never been seen before.


Mobile is the Connected Consumer. Create for the Human; Fuck the Device.

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