Knowledge is power, only when you can react to it.

The birthplace of hip hop, the home of the New York Yankees baseball team, street art, and the eco life found at the Bronx Zoo is what most people think of when you mention the Bronx, NY. For me, it wasn’t any of that. The Bronx for me is my home. It was where I was born and raised. It is where I learned how to work for what I wanted. The Bronx streets and neighborhoods are where I learned how to do business. I’d go from door to door with direct marketing techniques, selling cell phones and making a profit off reselling Lotto cards to others on the street because I understood that the odds of winning the lottery in NY are NONE. The streets of the Bronx treated me well by allowing me to learn how to become a go-getter, work for myself, and know how to not let a closed door stop me from trying to open a new one. My humble beginnings were born in the Bronx and have always followed me to the new streets and neighborhoods I have lived in. I thank the Bronx for giving me the knowledge, sacrifices, failures, and successful life lessons that I use to this day to plan, attack and achieve the opening of a new door.

John Lim will always proudly say, “I’m a boy from the Bronx. ”

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