Knowledge is power, only when you can react to it.

Humans find inspiration when they are awake. All of my inspirations, thoughts, and epiphanies have happened when I have been awake. The espresso, the world’s number one drug, addiction, and awakening method completely changed my life by injecting energy, fire, and strength into my brain. My very first espresso in Barcelona consisted of three straight powerful shots. I had never experienced such a drug, such an awakening before. Those shots taught me how it felt to be on fire at an all-time high for three sleepless days, but that also allowed me to learn what it felt like to crash and feel weak. These espresso shots made me realize how important it is to always be awake and present, because when one is awake, creativity and innovation sparks. Therefore, for me, a morning espresso is now a definitive need. It gets my day started on the right path by allowing me to feel the power needed to conquer the day ahead of me. The human body can only energize itself so much. One needs to fuel it in order to keep its machine in power mode. As an entrepreneur, I am constantly being pulled in different directions, angles, and topics with little to no time to process the information needed to provide an answer, a solution, or the ability to be a creator and not just a doer. My love for espressos is not just because of its powerful energy spark. It is also because of the creativity and art found within it. Ten to twelve years ago, coffeemakers used to just “serve” coffee, but now “people-coffeemakers” - otherwise known today as baristas - have become creators themselves. Espressos are now filled with art by baristas, innovating and creating images such as faces, hearts, trees, and more. This has not only amazed me; it has also opened my eyes. It has inspired me to not just appreciate the creativity of it all but also the passion for the science of coffee. More than that, I am enamored with how any product/item can be brought to life by the human and inspire others to keep evolving with the world each and every day.

Every morning I hope to find the art and creativity within myself to keep my machine in power mode and innovate for others, just how I see and find the art/ creativity in/ behind the espressos that baristas innovate for me. Little creativity is everywhere and I hope to keep finding daily bits of it to inspire me.

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