Knowledge is power, only when you can react to it.

Someone once told me that for one to be successful, one has to find and keep their enemies close. To me, this is false. An enemy won’t fuel me to build success because I don’t see or believe in enemies. I don’t battle against anyone but myself. I am a firm believer that my view and purpose of success solely relies on the gifts the world has given you, and my gifts have been my three children - Sebastian, Nathaniel and Madeline and my amazing wife Jacklyn whom I get to share them with. They are who fill and fuel my life with the purpose to stay on the route to continuing success. I am not just creating a brand, product and company to build revenue. I am creating a future and legacy for my three children, a legacy from which I hope they can learn from and prosper in life. I continue to create for them the way I wished I could have grown up. I want them to have the opportunities I wasn't given as a child and not have to build their lives on their own like I did.

When I’m tired, want to give up, and or quit, I go back and look at a picture of my kids to remember why I initially started doing what I do and the purpose of my success. This helps me get back into the right mindset to continue to drive forward my mission in life.

Success, however, is not generated on its own. I couldn’t have possibly raised these children and run a global business on my own, just like I didn’t bring the children into this world on my own in the first place. My success has been held together by my beautiful wife, Jacklyn. She has allowed me to go out into the world to build, inspire and educate others while she keeps the family at home safe. Under her parenting skills, she helps each child learn how they can grow into better individuals each and every day. Because of her will power, our family holds tight. There is no (I) in TEAM – and my wife knows it and teaches this to our kids all the time.

To my family: always remember you are my entire world. Without you, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

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