Knowledge is power, only when you can react to it.

Sports has always been a driving force throughout my entire life because as a kid it was the first way I was able to learn how to put strangers together and create a bond of togetherness through a passion we all equally shared. Life is constantly pulling us in different directions and forms in terms of gender, work, power, language, status, and more. Basketball eliminates all that by equalizing me with the individuals whom I find on the court by injecting adrenaline into my body. Once I get onto that court, my body releases the stressful toxins held inside me. Basketball does not only let me feel the adrenaline and relaxation (from forgetting about my work duties), it has also given me the ability to create friends. It amazes me how a sport can bring individuals from everywhere into a brother and sisterhood bond where nothing but the person is needed. No language barriers exist because sports is one of those universal languages. One doesn’t need to understand each other; one just needs to play, give it their all, and work as a team to succeed.

When I travel, I always seek to get a game going, with and without strangers or language barriers. It doesn’t matter as long as each individual is willing to play at their all-time best and give it all they’ve got.

Basketball fuels me out of the business world because it is a sport where one must all work as a team to be successful. One must play a particular position and put the name on the front of the jersey forward first - not the name on the back - to win the game. It’s just like in the business world: one must be a team player and help each other out in order to win the day.

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