Knowledge is power, only when you can react to it.

Mobile is

The Story of the World’s most dynamic and versatile consumer. Mobile is a phone… FALSE Mobile is a device/ Medium … TRUE Mobile is a Mentality … TRUE Learn what the term MOBILE really means, and why you should believe that Mobile is much more than just a phone by downloading more here.
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My children – my princess and two kings

My three beautiful children are who inspire me to give it my all each and every day. They give me strength on the hardest days, happiness on defeated days, but most importantly they give me love each and every day. I am who I am because I always envisioned myself as a family man -…
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Left Brain vs. Right Brain

I’m fascinated by the human brain, the smartest computer on the planet.It makes people tick and react. It lets us humans learn, grow, interact and compete with what is surrounding us as well as what is inside of us – our driving sense, our conscious thoughts. Being a person who is driven by the human behavior…
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