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John Lim is a voracious entrepreneur, impassioned educator and visionary innovator in mobile, technology, and consumer engagement. His endeavors are motivated by his desire to find new ways to empower others. Everything he does is driven by his passionate belief that marketers and tech professionals should create for the human being and forget the device. He has successfully launched three companies and is the holder of multiple patents, patents pending, and trademarks. As a non-programmer marketer and admitted wannabe geek, John never ceases to innovate ahead of the curve.

As a child of humble beginnings who was inspired by his grandmother’s entrepreneurial spirit, John had a tough childhood. He grew up poor and shared a small apartment in the Bronx with his parents and three younger siblings. His grandmother instilled a strong work ethic that led John to find success at a young age. At eight years old, she was his partner on his first venture – a paper route. She helped him establish a process to maximize his income and find success – from managing money and being on time to establishing relationships with customers.

From this success, John knew he had found his career path as an entrepreneur. He left college at 19 to found his first company, Global Telcom, which rapidly rose to be the fifth-largest mobile phone distributor in New York City. Here, Lim realized the future of mobile engagement and the profound impact it would have on the future.
When Comp USA purchased Computer City, where Global Telcom was integrated, John experienced his first failure, but failure did not stop him. He learned from this experience and realized that this was the key for him to move forward and find success.

At 24, John became the youngest owner of a promotional products company. He started On Site Marketing (OSM), his first full-service marketing agency. His belief was that technology should integrate with every campaign. As the largest third-party marketer for Anheuser-Busch, John ran one of the first campaigns using an SMS engagement at that time, a groundbreaking promotion that would shape the mobile industry for years to come.

In 2007, realizing the potential and future of mobile, Lim launched Mobile Card Cast – a dedicated mobile agency. The innovative Guinness “Rate Your Pint” promotion garnered much attention as the first campaign to execute ratings using SMS.
Simultaneously, John introduced Mobile Real Estate (MRE) to help local agents leverage the power of mobile to capture new business. Win LocalTM, a groundbreaking platform, has facilitated over a billion dollars in home sales and continues every day. In real time, buyers can access property information, pictures and the agent’s contact info via SMS. John is still involved as the Chairman of the Board for MRE, which has grown to be the largest mobile company in the real estate space.
John then morphed Mobile Card Cast into Life in Mobile, his flagship brand. Life In Mobile is a multi-million-dollar global company that specializes in consumer engagement, ensuring brands achieve the highest engagement levels by Humanizing their digital marketing. As the CEO, his knowledge and accomplishments have been featured in Mobile Marketing for Dummies, Leveraging Your Links, as well as various industry publications including Forbes and Business Insider. The Fairfield County Business Journal honored John with a 40 Under 40 Award recognizing emerging business leaders. Fairfield County was ranked sixth in the U.S. in per-capita personal income and houses the headquarters of over 25 major multinational corporations, giving it the third largest concentration of those companies in the United States after New York City and Chicago. His company has been recognized with awards such as one of the top 100 private companies by On Media 100 and Red Herring. His clients, including Heineken and others, have won multiple awards including the Mobile Excellence Award. He has traveled on tour with Google and continues to speak at events both domestically and internationally, further solidifying his position as a leading expert in mobile marketing and technology.

John’s appetite for inspiring and igniting the spirit of his audiences is insatiable. The more he can engage companies and marketers in his philosophy of Create for the Human and forget the device, the more companies will successfully grow in the connected economy.
When John is not sharing his vision, you can find him spending time with his family in Westchester County or on a basketball court.

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